Cara Woodhouse: Principal of Cara Woodhouse Interiors

Cara Woodhouse: Principal of Cara Woodhouse Interiors


Meet Cara

“I’ve always had a crazy imagination and an eye for design.”
Growing up on Long Island, Cara Woodhouse dreamed of becoming an artist like her maternal grandmother one day. After a brief stint at the Fashion Institute of Technology and then finishing her studies at New York School of Interior Design, Cara says she found what she was meant to do! Seeing beauty in everything around her, Cara encapsulates the fundamental values of design while seamlessly combining luxurious comfort.
Cara’s designs are contemporary, warm and are loaded with texture! “I love incorporating organic patterns, like splatter and marble, and unexpected pops of color. One of my favorite shades is fluorescent yellow, but I haven’t found a client yet who will let me use it.”
As a mother of two boys and the Principal of a thriving design business, Cara works hard to find the perfect balance not only in spacial design but also in her family life.
Designed by: Cara Woodhouse
The DLT: What is your superpower?
Cara Woodhouse: My superpower is multitasking. The more I have on my plate the better I function.
The DLT: What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?
Cara Woodhouse: Never take NO for an answer! I live by this in my business. There is always something that can be done to make things happen. I am relentless… when I want something I make it happen!
The DLT: How do you structure your days? How do you start your days? When does your work day end?
Cara Woodhouse: I start my days by spending time with my two boys, Cash (8) + Lennon (4) and seeing them off to school. I fuel myself up with coffee and a large green iced tea then head into the office. Once I am at the office, I setup a game plan for the day with my team and have an on-going to do list by my side to check off everything that has to get done for the day. My days usually end between 5:30 - 6:30 so I can be home to spend time with my kids.
The DLT: Who is your role model and why?
Cara Woodhouse: I know this is a terrible thing. But I don’t have a role model. I just try to live my life with an open heart, integrity and hopefully be a role model for others.
Designed by: Cara Woodhouse
The DLT: Now to get to the fun real estate questions! What is home to you? How can a home make you better at the work you do?
Cara Woodhouse: Home to me is my roots and where I came from. That will always be my true home. I grew up on Long Island and my parents still own my childhood home. For me, my childhood memories and the people I grew up with helped shape me to be who I am today.
My physical home is a sanctuary for me. It is the place I’d rather be over any other place. Feeling calm and comforted by home nurtures my mind and soul. This for sure makes me feel well taken care of to do my job everyday!
The DLT: What is your dream neighborhood and why?
Cara Woodhouse: My dream neighborhood is a place that has beautiful parks and greenery, good food, children's activities, a diverse community, and the arts!
The DLT: What is your must-have for your dream apartment and why?
Cara Woodhouse: Big windows and outdoor space! I think it's important to have incredible light in an apartment and good views wouldn't hurt either! Outdoor space even if it isn’t that large helps make you feel like your space is larger because it is an extension to your space! It is nice to step outside and take in the city.
The DLT: What is your favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn?
Cara Woodhouse: Brooklyn Heights to me is one of the most gorgeous areas in Brooklyn. It feels like a place out of a fairytale book. The Townhouses are some of the most gorgeous in the world! It is so charming. I love how close it is to the water as well. The park on the water is incredible!
The DLT: How can people keep up with your activities?
Cara Woodhouse: The best place to see what I’m up to is on our Website and Instagram → @carawoodhouseinteriors
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