Liz Dee: Co-President of Smarties

Liz Dee: Co-President of Smarties


Meet Liz

We are in awe of Smarties Candy Company's (yes, the iconic Smarties candy rolls that was your favorite candy of your childhood!) Co-President Liz Dee, who tells us her best advice for women in business - and why natural light is a must-have in her dream NYC home.
In addition to being a candy-maker, Liz is also CEO of Baleine & Bjorn Capital, a venture capital fund that invests in businesses creating solutions to outdated animal products, and founder of Vegan Ladyboss, a global community of organized, connected and empowered vegan women. Liz lives in the West Village in NYC with her husband, Nick Garin, and their rescue dog, Sandy.
The DLT: What is your superpower?
Liz Dee: Kindness! It really is everything.
The DLT: What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?
Liz Dee: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” - Annie Dillard
The DLT: How do you structure your days? How do you start your days? When does your work day end?
Liz Dee: I prefer to keep my days very structured. My color coded outlook calendar is my guide and I plan almost everything in advance, including workouts, commutes and down time.
Time, to me, is more precious than anything else, and I am mindful about how I spend it.
I’m on year three of reading at least a book per week, so I always take time to read each day.
I start my days snuggling with the dog, Sandy. Then on to a green drink (using green vibrance powder right now) and meditation. Soon after, I head to work at Smarties Candy Company with a smoothie (my husband makes a delicious smoothie with banana, berries, kale, almond butter, flax seeds, chia seeds and dates) and an oat milk latte.
My work day never really ends, but I generally am at the Smarties NJ office from 8am to 3:30pm.
Fun fact: Monday through Friday, I smell like candy! Outside of my Smarties office hours, I fit in work for Baleine & Bjorn Capital and Vegan Ladyboss.
The DLT: Who is your role model and why?
Liz Dee: Right now, I feel very inspired by my Smarties co-presidents Jessica Dee Sawyer and Sarah Dee who are incredible working moms with young kids. I have much to learn from their perseverance, commitment, and ability to prioritize.
The DLT: Now to get to the fun real estate questions! What is home to you? How can a home make you better at the work you do?
Liz Dee: Home is sanctuary where I can rest, recharge and be with loved ones. It is imperative to have my basic needs covered at home so I can do meaningful work out in the world.
The DLT: What is your dream neighborhood and why?
Liz Dee: The West Village is my dream neighborhood because of its quiet charming streets and beautiful buildings. It feels like an oasis to me.
The DLT: What is your must-have for your dream apartment and why?
Liz Dee: My must-haves for my dream apartment are ample natural light, lots of plants around, excellent air filters and a top notch drinking water purifier. Light, nature, clean air and water - basic and so important!
The DLT: How can people keep up with your activities?
Liz Dee: The best place to see what I’m up to is on Instagram → @TheLizDee
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