Litchfield County, Connecticut

Litchfield County, Connecticut


Meet Graham Klemm Klemm Real Estate

With the rise of COVID-19 cases, many people are now wishing to spend their time social distancing outside of the city.
New Yorkers are helping to jump start the rental season a few months ahead of schedule - in the beautiful countryside of Litchfield County, Connecticut.
Less than 2 hours from Manhattan, Litchfield County, Connecticut, known for its classic and quaint villages, properties with privacy and views, and low taxes has long been a prime summer destination for many New Yorkers looking to escape the heat of the city. Now with the hopes of escaping the congested city, due to the rise of COVID-19, many are making this beautiful part of Connecticut a home away from home - including Danielle on our team!
We teamed up with one of Litchfield County's top real estate agents, Graham Klemm of Klemm Real Estate, in an effort to understand how to best secure a home in this much coveted destination in a surreal time.
During this COVID-19 crisis, Graham has been tirelessly and generously working from dawn til dusk trying to help people find rural house rentals in as creative of ways as he can with inventory being next to impossible to find. Today, Graham shares with us his helpful advice on how to navigate the real estate market in this current climate.

Graham Shares Three Tips For Attaining Real Estate in Litchfield County, Connecticut during This Unprecedented COVID-19 Time

Graham was born and raised in Litchfield County and has 25-years of experience selling real estate here and shares his three tips for reaching the best outcome in your real estate search.
1. If you are hoping to escape NYC due to the spread of COVID-19 keep in mind that Litchfield County is an extremely rural area with a very limited housing stock.
While we welcome NYC residents to Litchfield County, it is important to know that we have had a huge burst in short-term rentals, with properties renting within 24 hours of being listed. The high demand has resulted in rentals ranging from $3,000 for a modest house to $45,000 for a grand estate. In a real estate climate such as this, it is important to keep an open mind. Although you may not find everything that you had hoped for in a rental - it is also worth factoring in the benefits of congestion-free roads, the walkability to clean lakes and great quality of life. So, if you find a property that fits even some of what you are looking for rent it!
2. If you are hoping to purchase in Litchfield County patience is key.
Sales are on the back-burner at the moment largely due to the fact that many homeowners are apprehensive about allowing outsiders into their homes.
However, if you want to purchase in Litchfield County, begin your home search by requesting a video tour of the property while simultaneously becoming pre-approved so that you are prepared to make an offer when the timing is right. With the influx of Litchfield County’s new tenants, I expect that many will turn into buyers, so it is important that in this climate you are prepared to be the best buying candidate.
3. Choose your broker wisely.
Brokers offer their clients a wealth of knowledge in both the real estate process as well as the area in which they are purchasing. Therefore, it is important to work with someone that has a vested interest in the area and believes in growth and sustainability of a community.
Established in 1986, Klemm Real Estate began as a family business, and has grown to now having over 30 agents, each with intimate knowledge of the area.
Interested in Learning More About Litchfield County Real Esate? We Would Love to Introduce You to Graham!

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