Bree McKeen: Founder of Evelyn & Bobbie

Bree McKeen: Founder of Evelyn & Bobbie


Meet Bree

We sure do love Bree McKeen, Founder & CEO of Evelyn & Bobbie. Bree’s bold and innovative company is on a mission to make the world’s most comfortable and supportive intimates and we are big fans!
Frustrated by decades of discomfort with her own bras, and puzzled by the lack of innovation in intimate apparel, Bree McKeen capitalized on her extensive background as a product researcher, investor, storyteller, strategist, and management consultant to create a women-led bra company committed to defying outdated norms.
Evelyn & Bobbie is named after her two matriarchs, who symbolize the inextricable link between beauty and purpose. Evelyn symbolizes grace and poise, and Bobbie symbolizes creativity and hard work. Evelyn & Bobbie is comprised of a team of engineers, designers and problem solvers.
Rooted in technology and the celebration of the natural form, this women-led bra company exists to deliver solutions for your real life.
Raised in the middle of the forest to “homesteader” parents who built a cabin in the woods with its own water source, Bree experienced firsthand the beautiful dance between hard work and creativity. After moving from the homestead, Bree attended Stanford University (where she met our team leader, Danielle) to study Anthropology and Social Science methodology. She loved Stanford so much, she went back to Business School and was the youngest-ever Sloan Fellow, completing her Masters in 2009.
Without further ado - here is what makes Bree shine the way she does:
The DLT: What is your superpower?
Bree McKeen: Pairing creativity with tenacity is my superpower! I believe that we all have an innate creativity and it’s pretty spectacular to witness human beings begin with an idea and make it a reality. The key to success is having the force of will to not give up!
The DLT: What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?
Bree McKeen: I’ve had several life-changing bits of advice given to me throughout my life. But among the top ten was “Take an improv class!” These four words have had a lasting impact on my life. (And was given to me by Danielle Lurie, by the way!)
The DLT: How do you structure your days? How do you start your days? When does your work day end?
Bree McKeen: It is often difficult to define structure within the demands of running a start-up that entails an abundance of travel. But I believe in the importance of my life having a more consistent rhythm and I am working hard to discover it.
On my best days, I wake up before my alarm after a full 8 hours of sleep. I drink a big glass of water, then pop into my little “meditation corner,” light a candle, and say some prayers, set some intentions, and stretch or move a little. Then I have a matcha latte blended with coconut oil instead of milk. (I gave up coffee and I don’t miss it!) Then I steal a few hours to work from home and enjoy the beautiful view from my apartment which helps to check some essential to-do’s off my list for the day.
After that, my little dog Otto and I walk across the river on the Tillicum bridge to Evelyn & Bobbie headquarters, where my busy little team is already deep into the day’s projects. I have only recently begun to be intentional with my mornings, allowing myself to focus on my individual work and although at times it has it's challenges, it has really helped me to cut the noise - which I believe is very important!
The DLT: Who is your role model and why?
Bree McKeen: Missy Elliot. She is brilliant, fierce and she’s a survivor! She stands confidently in her creative power and has her own unique version of femininity that I really respect.
The DLT: Now to get to the fun real estate questions! What is home to you? How can a home make you better at the work you do?
Bree McKeen: Home is everything for me! As an entrepreneur, my mind is constantly racing, so having a quiet, safe place to call home makes all the difference. My current home has the most breathtaking views of the river and Mt. Hood and has a minimalism design with clean lines which really help to quiet my mind. I am so lucky to be able to wake up every morning, with a smile, to an incredible sunrise which positions my mindset for a great day ahead.
The DLT: What is your dream neighborhood and why?
Bree McKeen: I’m a mountain girl at heart, so I suppose my dream neighborhood isn’t really a neighborhood at all. Rather, my dream home is an eco-cabin on a hill with a breathtaking view, horse stables and a little airplane hanger outback. It has to be a short drive (or flight!) to amazing restaurants and to the people who inspire me.
The DLT: What is your must-have for your dream apartment and why?
Bree McKeen: Hardwood floors, gorgeous natural light, and a view, of course! I admit -- I’m always looking for my ivory tower.
The DLT: Who has most helped you along the way?
Bree McKeen: So many people have helped me along the way. My previous boss, Will Kessinger, was a huge influence on me. He taught me most of what I know about the business 'facts of life'. I've also had friends and mentors, Danielle Lurie being one of the most important, who have intervened when I try and get in my own way. And perhaps most importantly, Aunt Bobbie (whom Evelyn & Bobbie was named after) . She instilled the value of forging your own path when the predetermined path doesn't serve you -- that there are more solutions than problems.
The DLT: How can people keep up with your activities?
Bree McKeen: The best place to see what I’m up to is on our Blog and Instagram → @evelynbobbie
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